Sealy Support Firm Mattress Reviews

The Sealy Support Mattress is a high quality open coil spring mattress with a firm feel. Sealy uses Posturedepic Zero Deflection Springs, which simply implies that the springs are more firm to create the maximum support. The firmness of the springs is created by the continuous open coil springs in which Sealy has an unique technique of assembling the springs in a way to fit more springs together than in a traditional open coil mattress. Sealy is known for its orthopaedic mattresses and they work together with orthopaedic surgeons to create the best possible mattresses for everyone.

This mattress is part of the larger Sealy Essential Range which features mattress that give orthopaedic support but are yet very reasonably priced. The unique specifications of this particular mattress in this range is its firmer feel and that it eliminates tossing and turning. It does so by creating pressure knockout zones, which give pressure relief and therefor keep you feeling comfortable.

The Sealy Support Mattress, as it’s name implies, gives a great lower back support. This mattress would be suitable for people who are looking for an orthopaedic mattress but do not wish to spend a fortune on this. This mattress is compatible with divans as well as bedsteads with slats. The mattress has a depth of 25cm and is covered in luxurious and durable woven damask fabric. This mattress does not require turning and can simply be rotated to be kept in its best possible condition. Sealy gives you a one year guarantee with this mattress.

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  1. I’ve always preferred a firmer mattress and can’t stand the super-soft ones you always seem to get at holiday lets and hotels. A firm mattress is much better for your back, contrary to most peoples views, and feels great after a long day.


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