Rest Assured Novaro 1000 Pocket Ortho Mattress Reviews

The Novaro mattress from Rest Assured features 1000 pocket springs on the king size option with an orthopaedically firm feel. The Novaro 1000 Pocket Ortho is the parallel of the Monza 1000 Pocket Luxury which features the same specification but merely has a medium feel as opposed to firm. Both have the same prices as they have the same spring counts. A firm, ortho mattress such as the Novaro is recommended if you suffer from back problems and somewhat conversely to what you might expect, can also benefit you if you find your bed uncomfortable or wake up with aches and pains.

A firm mattress such as a Rest Assured Novaro keeps the back aligned as you sleep and really helps you drift into deep sleeps. Don’t think that a firm mattress is uncomfortable, the Novaro is generously padded with soft white fibres and enclosed in a woven damask cover with black piped trim around the edges for decoration and strength.

This is a single sided mattress as the base of the mattress has been optimised for slatted bedsteads through the use of a reinforcing sheet to prevent the springs slipping through the gaps between gaps. The Novaro is also great on a divan base though as the base also has a non-slip quality as a ‘travelling’ can end up being a real annoyance with divans. As a highly trusted brand, Rest Assured can give a 5 year warranty on the Novaro mattress as well as offer free pillows through our recommended retailer.

Customer Reviews

Rest Assured Novaro 1000 Pocket Ortho Mattress Reviews has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on 2 customer reviews.

  1. Very pleased with this mattress so far and the Novaro option was rather cheap in my opinion for an ortho mattress which I had been lead to believe would cost more. Firm but comfortable

  2. Was advised to get an ortho mattress by my doctor and though it was going to end up costing the earth as there always the kind of specialist ones you see on tv. But no this firm mattress from a normal brand like Rest Assured fits the ticket and wasn’t too costly at all. Still yet to get used to a firm bed but it’ll be worth it in the long run for my back pains


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