Rest Assured Boxgrove 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress Reviews

The Boxgrove pocket sprung mattress is considered one of the prime offerings in Rest Assured’s relatively new mattress series with its emphasis on natural materials and overall good value. While it isn’t one of their cheapest mattresses, this last point still stands as compared to mattresses with similar specifications, the Rest Assured Boxgrove mattress really stands out on price.

The Rest Assured Boxgrove mattress features an array of 1400 pocket springs at its core creating a firm mattress. The Boxgrove’s relative firmness is rated as a 5 meaning it offers a great deal of support and is what would be associated with a traditional, high quality mattress.

The traditional aspect of the Rest Assured Boxgrove mattress extends to its choice of materials, with natural fibres playing a key part. Pure new wool coupled with silk serves as tufted padding at the surface meaning comfort is compromised by the firm specification of the mattress. As is the case with Rest Assured’s other mattresses, the Boxgrove 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress comes with a 5 year guarantee and is manufactured in the UK.

Customer Reviews

Rest Assured Boxgrove 1400 Pocket Natural Mattress Reviews has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5, based on 2 customer reviews.

  1. wasn’t expecting to be able to get a mattress from a brand like Rest assured within my budget, let alone a pocket sprung one. I’ve had open coil since as long as I remember but they don’t seem to make them much anymore? Anyway it’s a very good mattress and is firm yet comfortable.

  2. A good mattress for its price. We picked the Boxgrove one because the other Rest assured ones were out of budget but its a brand we’ve stuck with for a long while and have been happy. I always like a pocket spring mattress and Boxgrove is nice ad firm.


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